What I do is to create "MyLeague" tournamet pages, avatars for MSN or Yahoo! messenger,
websets, banners, desktops, calendars, tags and more, but ONLY by request.

Yahoo! Status

If you have seen my work, you can request me anything you want (click on CONTACT ME on the menu area, please).
However, you can see my work here:
My Fotki

If you like my work, please, help me to keep my site up;
please support me with anything you wish to donate.

It takes me a lot of my time to make the designs, code the page,
upload into my private server for you to enjoy.

No ammount is too small...

Some times, when people request customized page or any other thing,
they offer me a donation... This doesn't mean I get payed for other people's art,
but only for my time to do the work requested, to host a page (if they requested that)
in my private server and others to enjoy.

Please if you wish to donate, anything will be received by clicking the PAYPAL icon
*-* Credit Cards accepted *-*

Those that have donated will be listed as sponsors here and will receive a free tourney page.


Devils & Angels <- League closed
Los Montoneros
Player's Choice
My son's school
Some work for Tony a.k.a. "Tigger"
TY for your donation, Colleen a.k.a. "iceboxx"
TY for your donation, Wanda a.k.a. "sunnyfl63"
TY for your donation, Lori a.k.a. "TxLady"
TY for your donation, Denise a.k.a. "trnmn19861"
your league or name (as individual) could be here.... Any amount is well received!

Thanks all for your support!